Thursday, July 20, 2017

Exclusively Pumping - Bottle Storage

Now that we're exclusively pumping, there are about a million bottles crowding my countertops at all times.  Some are dirty, some are clean; and they are absolutely everywhere.  I was drying my bottles on the Dr. Brown's Drying Rack, but it simply was not designed for the Wide Neck Bottles, and was not efficient.  Our friends Dan and Meaghan came to visit us from New York and "make our lives easier" with the baby, and they really, really did.  From holding the baby nonstop so that I could finally get things done, to cooking for us, feeding the baby, changing diapers; they really made my life so much easier for almost a week, and I was lost when they left.  But one thing they did before leaving was set me up with a better bottle storage and drying solution.

Dan saw my frustration with the mess of bottles that had taken over my kitchen and my life.  He did a simple Google search and found a much better solution for me.  It's amazing how a lack of sleep can completely destroy your logical functioning.  Google better solutions?!  What does that even mean!?  Then they went the extra mile and purchased the setup for us as one of many baby gifts they left for Troy (and realistically, me).

I had the ClosetMaid Over the Sink Drainer ($8.80) before they arrived, and used it in the sink to dry dishes.  One of them moved it out of the sink and onto a towel when they washed our overflowing sink of dirty dishes.  It has stayed out of the sink since.

At the top of the stack here, you see the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack in Green ($14.99).  This is not to be confused with the larger version, the Boon Lawn.  I went with the smaller grass because it was going on top of the drawers, and my mommy brain legitimately couldn't work out comparing the measurements of the two items, and smaller seemed safer to fit.  It has worked out just fine, but if you want the larger version and it fits where you want it, by all means, upgrade.  If I could do it again, I would have literally written down the measurements and stared them down until it made sense, because more room is usually better.  However, this is not to say I'm unhappy with what I have.  Bigger just means I can go longer in between washing dishes.

The drawers are the Sterilite ClearView 3 Storage Drawer Organizer ($24.99).  They have been perfect for storing the various components to my Dr. Brown bottles.  Important notes about storing those parts:
- the Wide Neck nipples and collars can fit deconstructed, but the classic or "skinny" collars and nipples fit full assembled with the cap on.
-the Wide Neck vent components do not fit if assembled; the vent components for the "skinny" bottles do fit assembled.
-the Wide Neck bottles do not fit in the drawers; the "skinny" bottles actually do.
-drawer liners keep the various components from sliding around all over the place, which gets old very quickly.
-the flanges for my Medela Pump In Style fit in the drawers with no room to spare (can't overlap rims, etc).
-the single piece that makes up the connector and flange for the Ameda does not fit in the drawer no matter how I turn it.

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