Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lavanila Deodorant is the best!

I had long been on the search for a vegan deodorant when I started working at Sephora.  I had tried many of the drug store ones.  I often found products that left me sticky, smelly, or otherwise let down.  Then when I started working at Sephora, I decided to give Lavanila a try.

I bought the Trio ($36) back when it launched in May, then bought Sport Luxe ($16) when it launched in June!  I keep the little guy ($8) around for hot, sweaty outdoor events that I might need to touch up.

Lavanila deodorants are aluminum free, vegan, and free of major irritants and questionable ingredients.  They go on clear and actually hydrate and soothe my pits.  The only time I have had issues with them is if I wore too much.  If you layer on too much, you may find your pits irritated, or have white residue.  I wear all black for my job, and haven't had issues with staining or streaks.

I have tried a huge range of their deodorant, but I started with the classic Pure Vanilla because it smelled slightly sweet and creamy, and went well with the fragrances I wore.  I work Pure Vanilla for a couple of years before I started branching out.

What I found with Lavanila was that I still sweat; sweating is a natural response to your body heating rising and a vital coping method for your body.  However, I didn't smell or have a funk to me afterwards.  It controlled the bacteria produced with sweat, and thus, the body odor.  And because it's a more natural product, I have no fear of placing it on other parts of my body that sweat.

Lavanila recently released a Sport Luxe version of their deodorant.  I bought one as soon as I could get it back in stock.  Several co-workers bought it and tried it as well.  We are all having similar results.  Better control of smell and sweat, which is important since we live in Texas.  The other big thing I noticed is the formula is less creamy, which I'm sure is useful for helping with the sweat factor.  When looking at the ingredients list, the biggest difference is the drying factors (corn starch and silica) are slightly higher in the list.

All of Lavanila's deodorants are vegan and cruelty free.  They have made a lot of changes with the company over the last couple of years, which has allowed them to stay small and independent.  They are primarily focused on body care now, versus in the past they had more skincare and babycare items.  I have used their products for years and definitely recommend them.  Their deodorant sticks come in two sizes, a small travel size and the larger 2 oz size.  Swing by Sephora, Amazon, or to try them out today!


  1. I didn't know about the Sport version! I'll have to look into that.

    1. I like it, it's definitely a little different but I like it! =D