Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shopping List Ideas for 2011!!

This goes with the video I just did on my youtube.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out HERE.

This is the list I typed out for youtube so I'm going to have to go back through & edit the links.  Sorry!  The video is live though so I want to get this posted.

Shopping List by Brand:

•Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity shimmer dust - $39:  Glitter yourself!

•Hello Kitty sets & palettes:  Kawaii desu yo!

•Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary palette - $55:  Celebrate with UD!
•Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box (classic!) -  $38:  The first palette I ever bought.

•Benefit "The Big 10" Set - $32:  Good gift for you, too!
•Benefit "Project Flawless" Set - $32:  Functional packaging!

•Kat Von D Painted Love & Foiled Lips Set - $28:  Get a pretty holiday pout!

•Buxom Mix n Mingle set - $39: Try a little bit of everything!
•Buxom More to Love Set - $42: Try even MORE of everything!

•Too Faced Palettes/Sets:  Too good to choose just one!

•Tarte Starlet Palette - $52:  Functional packaging and innovative products!

•Tokidoki Pittura 24K Brush Set - $34:  ...Do I actually need to say anything?

•Stila Lip Glaze Set - $25:  Stila's lip glazes are super popular, this is a great value!

•Sephora Blockbuster Palette - $49.50: You really, really can't beat this.

•Sephora Favorites sets:  Find a new favorite today!

•Clinique Black Honey Glow set - $28.50:  This color is so gorgeous and versatile!

•Bare Escentuals Putting on the Glitz Set - $54:  Have I mentioned I'm a glitter junkie?

•Smashbox Try It Kit - $19:  The best value to try out some Smashbox!

•Dior Holiday Eye Pallete in Celebration Collection - $46:  I love Dior's packaging & products!

•Makeup Forever Wild & Chic Best Of set - $55:  This is seriously such an awesome set! Pick one up for me, too! ;]

•Nars Danmari blush palette - $65:  I have wanted this since I first laid eyes on it! Gorgeous!!

•Fresh Sugar Plum Glam & Go set - $28: New to Fresh? Check this set out first!

•OPI by Sephora 18 Mini Polish Set - $48:  I want one for me & one for each of the ladies on my list!

•Nails, Inc Sets - I've been drooling over these since I started at Sephora!

•Philosophy sets:  What's not to love about Philosophy?

That about sums up my list for 2011!  There are a lot of items I want outside of this list, but this is plenty to get your brains going!  The most important thing about Holiday shopping?  It's the thought that counts!  Remember that when you get stressed out!  =]

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recap of October/November!

As November comes to a quick close (what happened to it?!), I am left to reflect on a busy and exciting two months.

October was all about Halloween, both in cosmetics and in the fact that I worked management in a Halloween Express.  Can I just say that the owner of the company is by far one of the nicest, self-motivated and wonderful people I have ever met?  Working for her, and the rest of the Halloween Express team, was a fantastic experience and I look forward to next season.  I already miss my "bosses" and my crew.  Motley as we were, we had a lot of fun as long as everyone was pulling their weight.

I got to attend a couple of Halloween events at local clubs, but I actually avoided house parties this year.  I also attended a costumed wedding (congratulations to Shaun & Jenna! ) and met one of my favorite musicians this year (a mister Wednesday 13, who complimented my outfit), so all in all, it was an exciting Halloween.

October gave way to November, and I relunctantly entered a month that only reminds me that the cold and Holiday Cheer are on their way.  If hating the holiday season is so goth of me, so be it.  I am not a fan, nor have I ever been.  Halloween has always had my heart.

With November came one ray of light; I started seasonally at Sephora.  I am working as a seasonal cashier, but I'm hoping that the management will agree that being a permanent member of their team is where I belong.  I already adore everyone I work with, which is not something I expected.  Usually when you get that many fabulous people into one location, at least one person is a little catty.. but that isn't the case at all.  Everyone has been super patient with my n00b questions and have been nothing but friendly to me.  I really hope I get invited to be a permanent member of the team at the end of the season, but we'll see what happens.

The aforementioned Shaun & Jenna comprise Movietown Photography, whom I recently did an amazing zombie photoshoot with.  I played both model and makeup artist, and even taught Shaun how to create face texture for zombies.  He kind of made a prosthetic by the end of it all, haha.

My Nightmare Before Christmas contest and giveaway launched on Thanksgiving, the theme is in honor of both Black Friday and the Holiday Season and all of it's Holiday Cheer.  [Does my use of capitalization on non-proper nouns make the grammar nazi in you scream?  It makes me cringe, personally; but not anymore than the Holiday Season itself.]

I've also started my holiday looks, in true Beth Br00tality fashion; a soft green eye look with dark lips.  It's a very goth Christmas around the Br00tality/1313 homestead.  j0hn's dad called him yesterday to inform him that he bought us a bright pink tree.  Pre-lit and everything; that man is my hero.

Let's back up for a moment and speak some more on the subject of j0hn's father.  Shawn [1313] is a wonderful, considerate, kind man who is honestly just a good person.  He tries to keep the peace and find the good in all.  He, however, is not naive or stupid, either.  He's very intelligent actually.  I see a lot of j0hn when I see his father; many of his good qualities come directly from him.  This is a man who doesn't necessarily "get" why j0hn and I choose to refrain from eating animals, will defend our choice to any and all who dare attack our beliefs, and even went so far as to track down a Tofurkey roast to make at Thanksgiving.  Then, he even cooked it.  And it was freaking DELICIOUS.

So all in all, the last two months have been good.  j0hn and I have also moved into a new apartment, but more on that when I have a house tour ready to debut.

O Christmas Tree Look:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ponyo Inspired Phototutorial!

Alright guys, this is my first phototutorial, please be patient with me.  =]

This is essentially a complimentary look based off of the popular Miyazaki film Ponyo.  The Madd Models are doing Disney themes this month & I technically cheated.  Disney owns American rights to Miyazaki films, therefore, they're still technically Disney.  I win!  =D

So here's what we'll need today:
From left to right:
NYC Show Time mascara (this is the waterproof one)
Almay eyeliner in Black
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
mark. Keep It Going in Entourage (black)
MSC piggiez in Disco Biscuit (shimmery primary blue), Dreamsicle (matte orange), Rambozo (red-toned shimmery orange), and Birf'day Suit (matte cream color)
Fluffy Shader Brush
Pencil Brush
Angled Contour Brush
Flat Shader Brush
Angled Liner Brush

Starting off by priming your lids.

Then apply your white base all over the lid.

Blend the base all over the lid, in the crease, and on the brow bone.

Now you're ready to start applying colors!  This is the fun part.  =]

You're going to start adding Disco Biscuit with the Angled Contour brush to create this shape on your eye.  The color below the eye will come later.  When applying DB, make sure you don't come down on your lid.  A little bit is okay, but too much on your lid will take away from the orange.

This is Dreamsicle.  I absolutely love this color.  It's a matte orange and it's what dreams are made of, haha.  It's applied in the inner corner, half way across the upper lid and across the entire lower lid.

 You're going to pat Rambozo over the entire lid.  Make sure you pat on enough to make it nice and pigmented.  It should come up and out to meet the blue.

Speaking of the blue...

In windshield wiper motions, slowly drag over and build up blue below the orange on the lower lid.

Now you're going to apply Birf'day Suit as a brow highlight.  You're done with eyeshadow, unless you need to touch up anything before moving on to liners & mascara.  I somehow didn't get any steps of this process, so just add the Keep It Going with the angled liner brush to created a small winged look on top.  Use your favorite eyeliner pencil to put black on the lower waterline.  Add your favorite (waterproof, haha) volumizing mascara & you're done!  Also, fun changes you could make would be to use Tiger's Blood by MSC as a liner, or a bright, primary blue as a liner.

The end!  =]  I hope you guys like it!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fellow Madd Cat Tiffany's blog

So many of you are already fans of Madd Style Cosmetix, and as such, probably fans of Tiffany.  And if you're not, you need to go add her blog RIGHT NOW.  As if the fact that she's pretty amazing isn't enough inspiration, she's holding a giveaway that includes, among others, a whole lot of Madd Style piggiez!

Check it out:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

check it ouuut.

you guys (assumably) like beauty blogs, so check this one out for a sweet giveaway:

talk to you guys soon.  I'm trying to think of something awesome for my next post.  =]

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Women's Health Magazine is awesome

So for the longest time I was getting Shape (I'm not sure how & why, it showed up to my house one day and I didn't complain), but nothing about Shape motivated me or made me all that interested.  It was too focused for me, as someone who isn't a fan of traditional exercise.  I'd flip through it and appreciate the tips & information (and it truly is a good publication), but it just wasn't for me.

However, Women's Health also random started showing up (thank you magazine fairy!) & I am absolutely in love.  I never though I'd love after my Vogue subscription ran out, but alas, my heart has healed and unbeknown to me, was ready to move on (and yes, I am aware I could have just renewed my subscription; money didn't allow at the time).

Women's Health is more rounded, and moreso about all three aspects of health (mental health, as well as the usual diet & exercise).  It's focused more on total wellness moreso than just exercising, which is much better for me.  I'm more interested in losing weight to be healthy and happy, not to be a sculpted goddess.. not that I'd MIND that.  Realistically speaking, I will probably never be smaller than a size 6 or 8, and that's okay!  I'm not trying to be model thin because again, I want to be healthy.

If you've never read Women's Health, I highly recommend it.  You don't have to subscribe to get it, I'd check your local library to see if they have it with their magazine.  It's definitely worth it though.  You honestly can't put a price on your health.

Make sure you pick up the June Issue; it has myth debunking on SPF and lots of tasty summer recipes (as well as awesome fast fat burners to get bikini ready, oh lala!).

Madd Style Cosmetix = Love

Like you guys didn't see this one coming from a mile away.  =]

So a few months back I started modeling for the fantastic & fabulous Madd Style Cosmetix (then Madd Style Cosmetics, hah).  My sick love affair with this company has grown exponentially since to what I'm calling Pokemon-status (GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL).  It's hilarious.  I have 13 purples & I need at least 5 more.  Yes, need.  Because not having every single color leaves a sad void in my life.

But to be fair, I'm currently panicking because I don't have Phantasm & I specifically need that color.  It comes with the territory of modeling & representing a brand; you need the resources to showcase the colors.  And I mean it when I say I need them all.  Because no two piggies are the same (which is both a blessing and a terrible, terrible curse, haha).

I realize that this is a terrible piece of writing and possibly a little too stream of conscious (and with my ADD, it's certainly all over the place), so now that it's 6am, I'm going to call it a night.

Go check it out for yourself:

No, really.  Click on that link.  =]


So awhile back I was fortunate enough to meet a very sweet lady named Harri who also just so happens to be a blogger that you guys should check out.  If you need motivation outside of my recommendation, she just so happens to be holding a giveaway right now (BUT HURRY - It ends in about 20 hours!).

Check it out here:

& on that note, I'll be back with something fun soon, though I have no idea what yet, haha.  =]  Maybe I'll try a phototutorial for some makeup.  It could be fun!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Lips - Intimidating & Beautiful

I will never forget the first time I put on red lipstick. At first glance, I loved it. It was fierce, gorgeous.. bombshell summarizes red lips to me. But I kept looking and I wiped it off. It was too much; bright red lips are not for the faint of heart. You have to be ready to go big or go home.

I've grown to looove bright colors on my lips. My advice is to put on bright red lipstick around the house. Experiment with different shades & tones of red. Orange reds, though I like them less, look better on me than blue reds & neutral reds, unfortunately. Sometimes you just have to try a color out and see how it looks.

However, never ever wear it out somewhere for the first time if you're not sure about the color. Makeup in general, but especially bright, flashy lips, can seriously affect your confidence. This can be good, but it can also be bad. I feel so much better with just a little face powder and eyeliner.. and so much worse without it. Also, a good lip color can make me feel unstoppable (like today: Venomous Cosmetics' Lip Poison in Rocket to the Moon; hubba bubba!). But a bad lip color will leave me very, very self conscious, no matter how I look otherwise.

What do red lips do for you? & If you've never tried red lips, why not?