Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Makeup Rules For Anyone New to Makeup

When I say new to makeup, I meant anything from the twelve year old who's school allows visible makeup this year, to the thirty year old who has never worn makeup but is interested in learning.  You can learn how to apply makeup at any age, and you are never too old.  The thing that shocks me is not how many grown women don't know how to apply makeup, but how many of them are embarassed to ask.  Applying makeup is not some inherit skill that you were born with (unless you actually are a makeup artist by trade; and even some of the people that do makeup had to learn it, it didn't come naturally).  It's not like learning to walk or remembering to eat.  It's something you learn, and if no one ever shows you, you may not know how.

I spend a lot of time teaching people about makeup.  Whether s/he is brand new to makeup, or just struggling to get her eyeliner to stay on like how it seems to stay on everyone else, I really have seen almost everything.  I've taught transgendered girls how to make their faces more feminine, and I've taught forty year old women how to look pretty and polished before re-entering the dating world or starting a new career.  I will rarely say that there are rules in makeup, but if there are, these are five things I would tell you to follow.