Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lashes and Lightsabers: the Star Wars x Covergirl Collection

Star Wars: the Force Awakens ushers in a new era of Star Wars.  It has a new director, features lots of new characters, and has a makeup collection.  Iconic makeup artist and head of cosmetics with Proctor and Gamble, Pat McGrath did what she does best: create.  She started with six iconic looks inspired by the Force Awakens, and designed new cosmetics based off of them.

Looking at the editorial shots, it's easy to see where Pat drew her inspirations.  Each look launched a new lipstick color, and fans of C-3PO will immediately recognize his signature gold in her Droid look, and respective Colorlicious Lipstick in Gold #40 ($6.99*).

There are five other lipsticks inspired by Star Wars icons on both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.  After Droid (C-3PO) brought us golds on the Light Side, Jedi shows a soft Nude #70 lip, and Mystic has Lilac #20.  The Dark Side has Stormtrooper inspired Dark Purple #50, Dark Apprentice shows the familiar Red #30, and Chrome Captain brings us an icy Silver #10.

There are six Outlast Nail Polishes ($5.49*) in the collection as well, though they do not seem to directly correlate with the makeup looks (it appears other permanent Outlast shades were used).  Those shades are Fury #93 (intense crimson), Nuclear #97 (chemical green), Mutant 101 (bold blue), Red Revenge 180 (deep red color), Nemesis 195 (medium eggplant) and Speed of Light 200 (pale grey).  There are also photos and swatches of Emerald Blaze 50 on blogger pages, but not with the official Star Wars x Covergirl Collection on

The other release in the line is truly designed for the collector in all of us.  It features ten variations in packaging of their pre-existing Supersizer mascara ($6.85*) in Very Black with iconic Star Wars quotes.  There are five for the Light Side, featured on their waterproof formula, and five for the Dark Side, on their classic formula.  Choose a Side, or go ahead and collect all 10; we're certainly not judging.

*Prices vary by location and retailer and are from; also available where ever Covergirl cosmetics are sold.

Note to Gary:  All products used will be linked to their archive location on CS.  Also, there are more product photos if you would like more added.
Disclaimer: This article is written to appear on another website.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Colourpop Haul & First Impressions!

First!  Let's see what I got!

Now!  Let's break it down the first impressions of these products!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Makeup Rules For Anyone New to Makeup

When I say new to makeup, I meant anything from the twelve year old who's school allows visible makeup this year, to the thirty year old who has never worn makeup but is interested in learning.  You can learn how to apply makeup at any age, and you are never too old.  The thing that shocks me is not how many grown women don't know how to apply makeup, but how many of them are embarassed to ask.  Applying makeup is not some inherit skill that you were born with (unless you actually are a makeup artist by trade; and even some of the people that do makeup had to learn it, it didn't come naturally).  It's not like learning to walk or remembering to eat.  It's something you learn, and if no one ever shows you, you may not know how.

I spend a lot of time teaching people about makeup.  Whether s/he is brand new to makeup, or just struggling to get her eyeliner to stay on like how it seems to stay on everyone else, I really have seen almost everything.  I've taught transgendered girls how to make their faces more feminine, and I've taught forty year old women how to look pretty and polished before re-entering the dating world or starting a new career.  I will rarely say that there are rules in makeup, but if there are, these are five things I would tell you to follow.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lavanila Deodorant is the best!

I had long been on the search for a vegan deodorant when I started working at Sephora.  I had tried many of the drug store ones.  I often found products that left me sticky, smelly, or otherwise let down.  Then when I started working at Sephora, I decided to give Lavanila a try.

I bought the Trio ($36) back when it launched in May, then bought Sport Luxe ($16) when it launched in June!  I keep the little guy ($8) around for hot, sweaty outdoor events that I might need to touch up.

Cruelty Free Brands at My Sephora

Disclaimer: This post is specific to my location.  There may be more options at your local Sephora.  If a company is on this list, they, nor do their parent companies, test on animals.  If you see any mistakes, please let me know immediately!  This post actually exists as a reference point for a co-worker on my days off.  This list was last updated 9/3/2015.

Color Brands:
1. Too Faced
2. Josie Maran
3. Hourglass
4. Cover FX
5. Tarte*
6. Kat Von D**
7.  Becca Cosmetics

Skincare Brands:
1. Dr. Dennis Gross
2. First Aid Beauty
3. AmorePacific
4. Drunk Elephant
5. DERMAdoctor
6. Lavanila
7. Sunday Riley
8. NUDE Skincare
9. Korres***
10.  Coola Suncare
11.  Supergoop! Skincare

1. Alterna
2. WEN by Chaz Dean
3. Verb Products (not in my store, but Texas local!!)

I have more research to do on haircare.  I will add brands as I find more info on them.

For a more thorough list, check Cruelty Free Kitty's Sephora list.  She is diligent and constantly updates it.

Tarte*: has been bought by Kose.  I am having a hard time finding any information on this brand in general.  They are a Japanese brand so I'm assuming they sell in mainland China, but I honestly don't know.  If you have helpful information on the brand (in english), please link me!
Kat Von D**: is a Sephora brand.  There for, it is Kendo, and falls under the LVMH umbrella.  I list her here because for some reason a lot of people are still totally comfortable buying her despite this.
Korres***: Korres has taken control of their company again and become independent. The worrisome thing is their products have been seen on websites that operate in mainland China.  The brand is claiming it's unauthorized and is working to get the items removed.  For now, I believe them, but we'll have to see what the future holds for Korres.
I have since taken Murad & Kate Somerville off of the list.  In June they were both purchased by Unilever.  Both brands will remain cruelty free, but their parent company tests.

Friday, July 3, 2015

L'Oreal Ultimate Straight Hair System

Disclaimer:  I received these items to review from Influester.  This doesn't change my opinion; you guys know I'm brutally honest.  Also, these items are not cruelty free, and they are not vegan.

I received the Influester Voxbox for the Ultimate Straight hair system from L'Oreal Paris USA.  It's a four piece system including your usual shampoo and conditioner, but also a pre-conditioner and a smoothing balm.  I really like the packaging for these products because I can tell what they are without having my contacts in, which is not unheard of when I shower.

The packages are easy to tell apart when I'm half blind.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Cruelty Free Routine for Adult Acne

Before we get started: Sadly, a handful of these brands are no longer cruelty free due to buy outs or expanding to the Chinese mainland market.  As I run out of their products (which I often buy in multiples), I will find new, cruelty free products to replace them.  Items that are not cruelty free will have some sort of alternative offered in their description.  Also, many of these items were gratis from my work.  This does not effect my opinion on them; if it works, it's here.

Please note: Shortly after writing this post, I found out that Kate Somerville had been bought out by Unilever.  Sadly, she is still a cruelty free brand, but her parent company is not.