About Me

My name is Beth and I took on the name Beth Br00tality nearly ten years ago.  I was first creating an internet "identity" for myself, and much like Trent Reznor, I tried on a name for a few months for deciding to stick with it.  It's my username on all social media, so feel free to look me up!

I started off my youtube "career" on shaky ground.  I still have terrible lighting and a terrible camera at this time.  In due time, all of these issues will be rectified now that I'm coming back to this crazy world of glitter and gurus.  However, all spare money I come across currently goes towards building a future with my domestic life partner.  I worked with Sephora for years, but now I get to focus all of my attention on First Aid Beauty and Too Faced.

The majority of the cosmetics I talk about are going to be vegan, and even moreso cruelty free.  Realize, however, that I am human and not perfect, and also that some of my cosmetics have been gifts, swap items, or things I've gotten from my previous job.  When in doubt, just ask.  I should have an answer, and if I don't (ie:  not an item I plan to purchase/re-purchase & haven't researched) I will get you an answer.

As far as my personal life goes, I moved to Texas a few years ago.  I loved Dallas and the amazing change from Ohio, but we moved back "home" in November.  I live with my boyfriend and long friend, Aaron, our beloved Megatron, and two obnoxious but loved cats named Panzer and Cambria.  I also have an active Twitch channel.

I also blog about fitness and health over at my food blog.

Aaron, Panzer & myself