Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Month of Thanks, Week One.

I don't want to post these daily.  I feel like that'd clog up your feeds and make you thankful that I could get hit by a bus any day.  These are pulled straight off of my Facebook.
  • Day 1: First & foremost, I am thankful for my health and life, even with cold and sinus problems abound. It could certainly be worse and I am very aware of that.

  • Day 2: I am thankful for my jobs and my career. I am by no means well off, but I can pay my bills and feed myself.

  • Day 3: I am thankful for my true friends. There are a handful of people that I know, within reason, always have my back.

  • Day 4: I am thankful for Lisa Butters, who has proven time and again that all I need to say is "I need you" and she will be by my side, no questions asked. Girls like her are few and far between. ♥

  • Day 5: I am thankful for my dog. There were times that I wasn't sure he'd survive the life he's led. He is my baby and my life would be very different without him.

  • Day 6: I am thankful for my family. We constantly fight and I certainly do not see eye to eye with them on pretty much anything, but I know they care about me.

  • Day 7: I am thankful for new beginnings. I am leaping head first into a new chapter of my life and I am so grateful to know that I have these new opportunities in love and life before me.
The next few won't be so serious. Probably silly things like, "I am stupid thankful for tea. Tea rules." *sips her latte*

She is leaving me soon to live with her father, but I am thankful for my furry little lover, Ickis, too.

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