Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day Eight: a daily must have item

I chose two.  I use my Philosophy Take a Deep Breath every morning after I wash my face because it's a lightweight gel hydrator that works really well with my combo/oily skin.  The other item is an MSC lip bomb, in this case, one of the mango butter ones; I use at least one of these each day.  I own like twenty, haha.

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  1. thanks for mentioning this face cream, definitely going to buy it wen i get paid again. i've got the same skin type as you. i've been looking FOREVER for a good cream for my face that won't turn it into an oil slick. i've bought so much crap that doesn't work for me, it's not even funny. i've been using a mark. mattifying cream, but it gets greasy after awhile and doesn't moisturize enough. hopefully take a deep breath will work for me. :)

    1. I could NOT use the mark. mattifying lotion. It's more like a mattifying treatment that you would use under foundation, but after a moisturizer, it was awful. No hydration and it felt.. gritty? Ugh. This is much, much better, haha.

    2. my sister gave me the mark. lotion, and its good for days wen my skin's not dry, otherwise it makes the dry spots more obvious. for me it doesn't feel gritty, it feels kinda powdery wen it dries. i might end up hustling the ladies at my sephora for sum samples of take a deep breath till i can afford it lol.