Thursday, September 3, 2015

Colourpop Haul & First Impressions!

First!  Let's see what I got!

Now!  Let's break it down the first impressions of these products!

 Super Shock Eyeshadows ($5.00 each):  in my order, I got at least one of each type of finish.  The finish that I'm the most impressed with is definitely the matte colors.  They have SO much pigmentation but go on so smoothly, I am crazy impressed.  The glitters are pretty as are the metallic finishes, but the mattes are the ones that most brands struggle with and these are absolutely spot on.  They're also the most sponge-y.  The sponge-y-ness is what makes their shadows so unique, and also susceptible to drying out; close those lids tight!

Box of Chocolate Collection ($30.00):  I LOVE their collections.  I actually want one of each one on the site.  The way they're packaged is really cute and I plan on keeping my collection boxes to display on a shelf.  I am a sucker for packaging.  The colors are amazing and I'm glad that this was my first collection from Colourpop.  I really recommend this one.

Super Shock Cheek Colors ($8.00):  I got the Smoke N Whistles highlighter and I am madly in love.  I've used it as a brow and inner corner highlight with a brush a lot, and also on the cheeks with my fingers.  I think I would love it with my Real Techniques Setting Powder brush as well.  I use that brush for undereye powder though so I'll have to get a second one to try it.

Ultra Matte Lips ($6.00 each):  These are everything I've wanted a liquid lipstick to be.  They are super pigmented.  They go on so easily.  They wear down pretty evenly.  They come in a HUGE range of shades.  And most importantly, they're only $6!!  I am very happy with the four I have, and want to order more soon.

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