Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Petit Vour Box for June 2016!

It's time for the followup review of my Petit Vour Box for June!!  I got the items about a month ago and have had a chance to try everything now!  This was my first box with Petit Vour, and it was definitely worth it!  It's a $15 per month subscription box, and it's all cruelty free, vegan, and non-toxic.  The value of the box I am about to review is $38.50, so it was over double the value of the subscription.  Let's talk about the products!
Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer ($18; V, CF, GF):
This was a great product, but a touch too sticky for my liking.  I could certainly tolerate it, and I love that it's a clean(er) product.  I usually wear an SPF 30 or higher, but for just hanging around the house, I will definitely be able to use this up.

EVOLVh SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner ($11; V, CF, GF):
I tried this a couple of times and wasn't excited.  It's a thicken product, so I assumed I should spray it all over, including near the root.  However, when I used it, my hair definitely got oily faster.  It didn't make my hair immediately look oily, but by day two, I was already reaching for dry shampoo.  If I had a normal or dry scalp, I have a feeling I would have LOVED this.

Suntegrity CPR Lip SPF 30 ($5; V, CF):
I didn't love the texture or staying power of these, but I have a feeling that if it were in a stick format, instead of the sample, I would have enjoyed it much more.  If Suntegrity ever sees this, the samples were cute and good for trying multiple colors, but it would be better to have one small sample stick versus the sample pots.

Precious Skin Elixirs Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay ($4.50; V, CF):
I love waterless cleansers a lot.  It makes me extremely happy to not pay for water, and you don't need to use preservatives when you aren't using water, so that's always a good thing.  I really enjoy this cleanser and would definitely purchase one day when I get through my ridiculous stash.

Here's the overview of the box at the end of the video.

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