Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Women's Health Magazine is awesome

So for the longest time I was getting Shape (I'm not sure how & why, it showed up to my house one day and I didn't complain), but nothing about Shape motivated me or made me all that interested.  It was too focused for me, as someone who isn't a fan of traditional exercise.  I'd flip through it and appreciate the tips & information (and it truly is a good publication), but it just wasn't for me.

However, Women's Health also random started showing up (thank you magazine fairy!) & I am absolutely in love.  I never though I'd love after my Vogue subscription ran out, but alas, my heart has healed and unbeknown to me, was ready to move on (and yes, I am aware I could have just renewed my subscription; money didn't allow at the time).

Women's Health is more rounded, and moreso about all three aspects of health (mental health, as well as the usual diet & exercise).  It's focused more on total wellness moreso than just exercising, which is much better for me.  I'm more interested in losing weight to be healthy and happy, not to be a sculpted goddess.. not that I'd MIND that.  Realistically speaking, I will probably never be smaller than a size 6 or 8, and that's okay!  I'm not trying to be model thin because again, I want to be healthy.

If you've never read Women's Health, I highly recommend it.  You don't have to subscribe to get it, I'd check your local library to see if they have it with their magazine.  It's definitely worth it though.  You honestly can't put a price on your health.

Make sure you pick up the June Issue; it has myth debunking on SPF and lots of tasty summer recipes (as well as awesome fast fat burners to get bikini ready, oh lala!).

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