Monday, July 11, 2011

Ponyo Inspired Phototutorial!

Alright guys, this is my first phototutorial, please be patient with me.  =]

This is essentially a complimentary look based off of the popular Miyazaki film Ponyo.  The Madd Models are doing Disney themes this month & I technically cheated.  Disney owns American rights to Miyazaki films, therefore, they're still technically Disney.  I win!  =D

So here's what we'll need today:
From left to right:
NYC Show Time mascara (this is the waterproof one)
Almay eyeliner in Black
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
mark. Keep It Going in Entourage (black)
MSC piggiez in Disco Biscuit (shimmery primary blue), Dreamsicle (matte orange), Rambozo (red-toned shimmery orange), and Birf'day Suit (matte cream color)
Fluffy Shader Brush
Pencil Brush
Angled Contour Brush
Flat Shader Brush
Angled Liner Brush

Starting off by priming your lids.

Then apply your white base all over the lid.

Blend the base all over the lid, in the crease, and on the brow bone.

Now you're ready to start applying colors!  This is the fun part.  =]

You're going to start adding Disco Biscuit with the Angled Contour brush to create this shape on your eye.  The color below the eye will come later.  When applying DB, make sure you don't come down on your lid.  A little bit is okay, but too much on your lid will take away from the orange.

This is Dreamsicle.  I absolutely love this color.  It's a matte orange and it's what dreams are made of, haha.  It's applied in the inner corner, half way across the upper lid and across the entire lower lid.

 You're going to pat Rambozo over the entire lid.  Make sure you pat on enough to make it nice and pigmented.  It should come up and out to meet the blue.

Speaking of the blue...

In windshield wiper motions, slowly drag over and build up blue below the orange on the lower lid.

Now you're going to apply Birf'day Suit as a brow highlight.  You're done with eyeshadow, unless you need to touch up anything before moving on to liners & mascara.  I somehow didn't get any steps of this process, so just add the Keep It Going with the angled liner brush to created a small winged look on top.  Use your favorite eyeliner pencil to put black on the lower waterline.  Add your favorite (waterproof, haha) volumizing mascara & you're done!  Also, fun changes you could make would be to use Tiger's Blood by MSC as a liner, or a bright, primary blue as a liner.

The end!  =]  I hope you guys like it!

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