Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recap of October/November!

As November comes to a quick close (what happened to it?!), I am left to reflect on a busy and exciting two months.

October was all about Halloween, both in cosmetics and in the fact that I worked management in a Halloween Express.  Can I just say that the owner of the company is by far one of the nicest, self-motivated and wonderful people I have ever met?  Working for her, and the rest of the Halloween Express team, was a fantastic experience and I look forward to next season.  I already miss my "bosses" and my crew.  Motley as we were, we had a lot of fun as long as everyone was pulling their weight.

I got to attend a couple of Halloween events at local clubs, but I actually avoided house parties this year.  I also attended a costumed wedding (congratulations to Shaun & Jenna! ) and met one of my favorite musicians this year (a mister Wednesday 13, who complimented my outfit), so all in all, it was an exciting Halloween.

October gave way to November, and I relunctantly entered a month that only reminds me that the cold and Holiday Cheer are on their way.  If hating the holiday season is so goth of me, so be it.  I am not a fan, nor have I ever been.  Halloween has always had my heart.

With November came one ray of light; I started seasonally at Sephora.  I am working as a seasonal cashier, but I'm hoping that the management will agree that being a permanent member of their team is where I belong.  I already adore everyone I work with, which is not something I expected.  Usually when you get that many fabulous people into one location, at least one person is a little catty.. but that isn't the case at all.  Everyone has been super patient with my n00b questions and have been nothing but friendly to me.  I really hope I get invited to be a permanent member of the team at the end of the season, but we'll see what happens.

The aforementioned Shaun & Jenna comprise Movietown Photography, whom I recently did an amazing zombie photoshoot with.  I played both model and makeup artist, and even taught Shaun how to create face texture for zombies.  He kind of made a prosthetic by the end of it all, haha.

My Nightmare Before Christmas contest and giveaway launched on Thanksgiving, the theme is in honor of both Black Friday and the Holiday Season and all of it's Holiday Cheer.  [Does my use of capitalization on non-proper nouns make the grammar nazi in you scream?  It makes me cringe, personally; but not anymore than the Holiday Season itself.]

I've also started my holiday looks, in true Beth Br00tality fashion; a soft green eye look with dark lips.  It's a very goth Christmas around the Br00tality/1313 homestead.  j0hn's dad called him yesterday to inform him that he bought us a bright pink tree.  Pre-lit and everything; that man is my hero.

Let's back up for a moment and speak some more on the subject of j0hn's father.  Shawn [1313] is a wonderful, considerate, kind man who is honestly just a good person.  He tries to keep the peace and find the good in all.  He, however, is not naive or stupid, either.  He's very intelligent actually.  I see a lot of j0hn when I see his father; many of his good qualities come directly from him.  This is a man who doesn't necessarily "get" why j0hn and I choose to refrain from eating animals, will defend our choice to any and all who dare attack our beliefs, and even went so far as to track down a Tofurkey roast to make at Thanksgiving.  Then, he even cooked it.  And it was freaking DELICIOUS.

So all in all, the last two months have been good.  j0hn and I have also moved into a new apartment, but more on that when I have a house tour ready to debut.

O Christmas Tree Look:


  1. You have had a busy couple of months. Glad to hear the Sephora job is working out well for you. Oh and just to be a PITA; Merry (early) Christmas LOL!!

  2. Maybe that's a dad thing. My dad never really got why I was vegan (when I was, back in the day, lol), but he was still very supportive and enjoyed sampling all the weird dishes I'd dream up.

    Could never get him to dig seaweed, though. Only my cat was with me on that one.

  3. I LOVE your blog and videos! Tried "following" ur blog but it kept showing error- I'll try later. Awesome style btw <3