Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shopping List Ideas for 2011!!

This goes with the video I just did on my youtube.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out HERE.

This is the list I typed out for youtube so I'm going to have to go back through & edit the links.  Sorry!  The video is live though so I want to get this posted.

Shopping List by Brand:

•Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity shimmer dust - $39:  Glitter yourself!

•Hello Kitty sets & palettes:  Kawaii desu yo!

•Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary palette - $55:  Celebrate with UD!
•Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box (classic!) -  $38:  The first palette I ever bought.

•Benefit "The Big 10" Set - $32:  Good gift for you, too!
•Benefit "Project Flawless" Set - $32:  Functional packaging!

•Kat Von D Painted Love & Foiled Lips Set - $28:  Get a pretty holiday pout!

•Buxom Mix n Mingle set - $39: Try a little bit of everything!
•Buxom More to Love Set - $42: Try even MORE of everything!

•Too Faced Palettes/Sets:  Too good to choose just one!

•Tarte Starlet Palette - $52:  Functional packaging and innovative products!

•Tokidoki Pittura 24K Brush Set - $34:  ...Do I actually need to say anything?

•Stila Lip Glaze Set - $25:  Stila's lip glazes are super popular, this is a great value!

•Sephora Blockbuster Palette - $49.50: You really, really can't beat this.

•Sephora Favorites sets:  Find a new favorite today!

•Clinique Black Honey Glow set - $28.50:  This color is so gorgeous and versatile!

•Bare Escentuals Putting on the Glitz Set - $54:  Have I mentioned I'm a glitter junkie?

•Smashbox Try It Kit - $19:  The best value to try out some Smashbox!

•Dior Holiday Eye Pallete in Celebration Collection - $46:  I love Dior's packaging & products!

•Makeup Forever Wild & Chic Best Of set - $55:  This is seriously such an awesome set! Pick one up for me, too! ;]

•Nars Danmari blush palette - $65:  I have wanted this since I first laid eyes on it! Gorgeous!!

•Fresh Sugar Plum Glam & Go set - $28: New to Fresh? Check this set out first!

•OPI by Sephora 18 Mini Polish Set - $48:  I want one for me & one for each of the ladies on my list!

•Nails, Inc Sets - I've been drooling over these since I started at Sephora!

•Philosophy sets:  What's not to love about Philosophy?

That about sums up my list for 2011!  There are a lot of items I want outside of this list, but this is plenty to get your brains going!  The most important thing about Holiday shopping?  It's the thought that counts!  Remember that when you get stressed out!  =]


  1. Miss Beth...I usually get a nice pallete from my boyfriend (The Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows by UD and True Blood by Tarte) I had my eye on the newest book of shadows...Would you recommend the Anniversary one over the IV? Thanks.

  2. Welllll. I personally prefer the packaging and colors in the Anniversary palette, BUT the IV is only $9 more & comes with one more shadow, eyeliner, primer & mascara & is probably the better value. If you like the colors in the IV, definitely go that way. I just can't stand the packaging & prefer the colors of the Anniversary palette.

    Either way, the shadows will be awesome because UD has amazing shadows. There is no wrong answer with this one, haha.