Monday, January 2, 2012

Waiiit. It's 2012? Recap of November/December.

I honestly couldn't tell you what I did the last two months.  I worked through the holiday rush at my dream job (Sephora) & even occasionally got to work in "color" (on the floor with clients).  I've met a lot of wonderful people at Sephora and really couldn't ask for a better cast.

Here's a breakdown of what happened in youtube world, as that's the only way I know how to gauge my time...

I kicked off November by trying to give closure to October with videos such as the Halloween tag (with j0hn, even!), followed by a long overdue review of (fancy contact lenses here!), and then my favorites video for October (I love...).  Next came a few tutorials, everything from my face routine at that time (little has changed to date), a bright blue look (oh, that Sally Sapphire) and a look I'm particularly happy with (Ghoulies & Redrum Plans).  That was all for tutorials for a while because after that I started working at Sephora & moving into my current apartment.  I uploaded a delayed mailtime about two weeks late and a vlog to explain my absence.  I launched a since closed contest/giveaway and posted a haul of my small amount of black friday purchases (yes, they came from Sephora, ha).  Next came my first holiday tutorial, inspired by the iconic Christmas tree, and one inspired by a lesser know icon, Yo-landi Vi$$er.  I ended the month with cheater's NMM vlog and another tutorial, this time of the frosty lavender & gold variety.

Then came December... I started off by combining two tags into one mega-tag, the Holly Jolly Tag & Wish List 2011 tag until it became.. somewhat epic.  & by epic, I simply mean long.  Another NMM vlog snuck up on me, so I let j0hn do all of the work.  I finally posted my December favorites about a week too late, and got into the holiday spirit with a Rudolph the red-lipped reindeer look for a contest (I didn't even place, by the way).  I finally got the prize video together for my contest just in time for another NMM vlog to creep up.  Then things got too busy & I had to combine a vlog with an impromptu tutorial and OOTD.  I finally found time to do something I'd been waiting for, a Frosty the Snowman tutorial that turned out better than I had hoped.  I finished off the month with some prize mail from Miss Marell and a joint haul video with Mr. 1313.

Now we find ourselves in January.  I want to get up a 2011 favorites video, but I may settle for the top 11 products of 2011 tag.. boo.  I hate settling.  In the meantime, here's this week's NMM vlog, featuring a Ninja!  So what if it's a blender and not a master of martial arts.. it's still a ninja!

See you guys soon, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season.