Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Debating "Business Expenses" for 2012 [To Airbrush or Not?]

I am in a huge debate with myself. I have spent the last 24 hours agonizing over what I want to do as far as professional supplies for the year. Should I just get brushes and stop at that? I've already decided on the Mr. Bunny set from Sigma. Even though I like the Mrs. Bunny Kit's colors, I have to go with the obvious and more professional option. I am really excited to be able to add a 100% vegan brush set to my colletion and be able to also offer that to clients.

For those of you on the market for vegan brushes, they also offer a travel size kit for only $59, so that may be a better option for those of you who are looking to spend less than $100. You can check out the full Bunny Collection and all of it's vegan offering's here. I know it can be difficult to find vegan brushes that aren't compromising on quality; which is silly. Why should vegans have to compromise on quality just because we don't want to hurt animals?

So the next item I've been debating with myself about is the Dinair. I feel like my work and what I can offer clients will be limited until I have all of the tools necessary to the trade, and a good airbrush set is essential to a fully functional kit. The price tag isn't pretty, but if I'm using it on paid events, I'd be able to make the money back very quickly. But that comes to the next issue.. over saturation of the field. There are so many people in Cincinnati calling themselves makeup artists. I think that's another huge reason I need the Dinair. Being able to offer airbrush not only gives me an edge over competition, it also shows that I am professional and serious about what I'm doing. I've invested my time and money if I have airbrush to offer.

I would love to hear feedback from fellow makeup artists who have struggled with the choice of whether or not to invest in and offer airbrush to their clients. I'm mostly hoping it's not going to be a wasted purchase in the area I'm in. However, I won't be in Cincinnati forever, and I'm sure bigger cities offer bigger opportunities (but with bigger competition, I'm sure).

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  1. I'm not a mua, just a junkie, and I have a Dinair... changed my life and how I view foundations.. It's definitely worth the money!