Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey guys!!  Mo and I are hosting a super exciting Valentine's Day contest!!  I hope you'll all check it out & enter!  There are two ways to enter, one being video submissions and the other photo, so there are no excuses to not participate!!  =]  All of the details are after the cut.

From the description of the video:

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ALL OF THE RULES.  =]  I don't know what the weird little sound byte at the end is, hahah.  Weird.

1.  Come up with your best Queen of Hearts inspired look.
2.  Each look must be an original look for this contest.
3.  You can enter your look by posting a video response here OR posting one photo per look at the Madd Style Cosmetix Facebook (a collage is okay).  YOU CAN'T POST IT TO BOTH PLACES.
4.  Please include your creative process behind your look.  You can explain this in your video response, or if you choose to post a photo, make sure you include it in the information about the look.
5.  You can enter as many times as you want as long as each look is different.

1.  You must be a subscriber to my channel.
2.  You also need to like the MSC Facebook page
3.  & Follow Mo's blog
4.  Be 18 or older OR have a parent's permission (I will check before shipping).
6.  This contest will end on Saturday, January 28th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.  Winners will be announced on Sunday, January 29th.
7.  There will be two winners, one chosen from the video responses and one chosen from the photos posted at the MSC page.  Each winner will receive the unreleased Queen of Hearts collection.
7.  Rules are subject to change, as I am forgetful.  =]

Disclosure:  This contest is sponsored by Madd Style Cosmetix, whom I model for.

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