Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm getting the Dinair.

I had to title the post that way. I've made a decision and I'm getting it, damnnit!

The main reason I have chosen to get the Dinair has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with a photography company I regularly work with. They are, more importantly, good friends of mine. They are brilliant people and are constantly coming up with these amazing ideas for photoshoots, and their brilliance has forced my hand here. I need the Dinair. I have no idea how else to do some of the things they ask at even a fraction of a satisfactory level. Sure, I could stick with brushes and sponges and etc for some of the things they were asking, but I'd be limiting myself and their work by not making the investment. Frankly I'd be a tad embarassed if another mua asked me, "Oh.. why didn't you use airbrush for these full body jobs" and I only had the excuse of not owning one. An opportunity has presented itself to not only grow as an artist, but to help others grow as artists, and I'll be damned if I'm going to hinder both of our abilities. *fist slam!*

All seriousness aside, I had a shoot with the aforementioned couple last night, and am very eagerly awaiting the results. Our large friend from the Grammastola family got to come play, so I'm waiting to see how many people ask if she's real or not in the photos. Yes! Swisgaar is real. That's my public statement. You saw it here before the questions started, haha.

I have a tentive shoot scheduled with another photographer on the 28th. I have never worked with this gentleman before, which is always a little scary. Not that I fear strangers, but working with someone new from a professional standpoint is always a little scary. I love making professional contacts and mainly hate when it just doesn't work out, due to a difference in vision, skill, personalities, etc. So yes, I'm nervous to work with someone new... and cautiously excited. =]

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  1. Awesome! Im so excited for u about getting the Dinair. I think (know) u are a very talented artist and can rock that shit. Im sure u'll do just fine on ur next shoot. Cant wait to see photos!