Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birchbox & Myglam June 2012!

They're here!  =D

In this box:
1.  Stila One Step Bronze - Skin Ton Illuminating, Bronzing Serum; 1 fl oz
2.  Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift sample
3.  Comodynes Urban Cosmetics Self-Tanning Towelettes; 2 - 1 towelettes packages
4.  Luna Bar in Chocolate Pepermint Stick; mini size (0.7 oz)
5.  theBalm Staniac in Beauty Queen; deluxe sample size (0.04 fl oz)

First Impressions:
Birchbox this month was pretty exciting!  I have been very interested in self-tanners because I'm extremely fair and have no plans to tan.  I am a huge fan of the St. Tropez bronzing mousse we have at work, but I like the idea of a towel for ease of use.  I'm really excited to try this; they're from Spain!  I have theBalm product in the full size and love it.  The Luna bar is actually one of my favorite flavors.  I don't dislike Wonderstruck, but I'll probably pass on the sample to someone else.  As far as the Stila, I'm always excited to try new Stila products!  This one is no exception, and this is a full size product that usually costs $36!  This product alone makes this month's box.

In this bag:
1.  Philosophy Take A Deep Breath; deluxe sample size (0.4 fl oz)
2.  Living Proof Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream; 2 fl oz
3.  NYX Round Lipstick in Iced Honey; full size
4. Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen; full size

First Impressions:
You all know that I LOVE Take a Deep Breath, so I was excited to have this sample size to add to my brush belt (which also holds a sample size of Hope in a Jar and Eye Hope).  This gel hydrator is great for combo/oily skin types, or for people who are already using some type of serum that still needs just a little more hydration afterwards, not a full on lotion or cream.  Also, Philosophy is doing their 30% off sale until June 16, 2012, so take advantage of the coupon code Philosophy12.  I love Living Proof products, so I'm excited to try this product; also, this size is about $9-$12 in stores!  The NYX lipstick made me a little sad.  They sell in the Chinese market so it drives me crazy that their tube states "cruelty free" and I already have several colors close to this one.  However, I don't hold this against Myglam because this product is a good match for their demographic; easy to find, easy to afford, and a huge range of colors.  The last product originally left me a little disappointed, as it's a permanent eyeliner pen, but it can't be used with [contact] lenses.  I was debating using it anyways when j0hn (that brilliant boy) says, "This would be great for doing your eyebrows!  This is a good idea!"  I hadn't even thought of using it that way!  Three cheers for j0hnnyboy!  I'm unfamiliar with the brand, so I need to look them up.  They're apparently German, which gives me hope that they'll be cruelty free (European companies are usually more forward in animal rights; usually).

I am really happy with my beauty subscriptions this month.  In value alone they were both excellent, but I was also really happy with the actual products I got in my boxes.  Look for these products to be in my June Favorites video on my youtube.. if they make the cut.


  1. Can't use an eyeliner with contact lenses? :-/ Are you sure NYX sells in China? I thought they're only made in China, not sold there (lots of cosmetics are).

  2. NYX is now officialy weird. I checked the site and China is stated in the 'Countries' part. However, if you click that link, you get on the website of HongKong and HongKong doesn't have the same regulations as China.

    Could it be that Chinese consumers have purchase from HongKong and can't walk in to a store in China to buy NYX? I do know that they have to do so with Bodyshop products, or they have to use a knock off store (Like this one: http://www.enterthepanda.com/blog/2011/11/16/fake-unlicensed-body-shop-in-china-fujian/)

    That would be one weird yet in a way brilliant strategy of NYX.

  3. http://veggiebeauty.com/my-cruelty-free-list

    They are sending their products to third party sellers who ARE putting them on the Chinese market so they're having to be tested somewhere along the way, and NYX is, knowing this, still selling to them.

  4. ... I'm angry now. Nice, another brand off my list. Even TBS, where everybody went 'OMG, L'OREAL!', doesn't pull this kind of shit.

    They're still on some cruelty free lists. :(

  5. I have contact lenses and used the eyeliner with no problem. I got the same Birchbox as you -- it should be arriving today or tomorrow and I'm SO excited, especially for the Stila bronzer!!! <3