Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Haul & Mini Review: One Hand Washes the Other


I recently ordered from the lovely Becca over at One Hand Washes the Other and have been very happy with my purchases.  Everything is vegan and cruelty free, so shop to your hearts desire.  For my first order, I ordered sample sizes of everything (please note: that bar of Black Magic Soap is actually the one for the giveaway I'm having to celebrate my birthday next month, I realized it after I took the photo) so that I could feel out how the products would work for me before I ordered full sizes of anything.  I am extremely happy with everything in this picture.

Black Magic Soap ($1.25 for 0.5 oz, $3.00 for 2 oz, $5.25 for 4+ oz; all prices are for bar form):
I got the 2oz size to see how my skin would do with this stuff, and so far, it's doing fantastic.  I don't know if it's just the soap, or if it's also my new nighttime lotion, but the repetitive breakouts I've been having on my cheeks are coming to the surface and actually drying out, which is really exciting for me.  The only issue I'm having with this stuff is that it has the bar soap filmy feeling when you wash it away.. however, this stuff is so awesome that I'm still using it twice a day with no real complaint about it.  What does this mean?  I'll just buy it in cream form next time.  Oh, and for those curious, the bar doesn't melt quickly or get messy.  I've been using it twice a day for over a week and it still looks untouched.  I will be doing a full write up soon about Black Magic Soap after I've used it for a month and finished gathering all the ways that people use this multi-purpose wonder.

Snayke Oyle ($8.00 for 2oz, $15.00 for 4 oz):
Here's why I love Snayke Oyle.. it does EVERYTHING.  My favorite use?  I love to spray it on freshly shaved legs after towel drying them.  It makes them soft, glowy and gorgeous, and dang do they smell good.  Also amazing?  Spray it on hair ends (cautiously! it IS an oil, after all) after towel drying.  The smell stays with you for ages and it makes your hair so soft and shiny.  You can get Snayke Oyle in an unscented format for those of you who have sensitive noses or already have a favorite fragrance, but with Becca's huge range of options, you're bound to find something that works with what you already wear.

Fragrance Oil Samples ($2.00 for a vial):
So here's the thing about reviewing fragance oils.. you can't, really.  Instead, I'll review the concrete, non-subjective part of it: delivery.  Both the delivery in the mail, and the delivery of the oil onto your skin.  The oil samples arrived in their little vials, tightly sealed and in a plastic bag in case of leakage; there was none.  The little vials themselves are pretty clever.  The little stoppers have a dipstick on them that you can use to apply the oil directly to your pulsepoints, which is definitely easier to control then trying to apply directly out of the vial.  Once John is home, we'll review our interpretations of the scents for you guys.  I don't trust my nose to do it alone.

Solid Fragrance Samples:
Becca threw these in for good measure.  Again, the delivery on these was fantastic.  Nothing leaked, surprisingly nothing melted (it was in the high 80s) and it all smelled wonderful.  These were in with my beautiful packaged invoice and really made me smile.  I know now that I definitely prefer the solid fragrances to the oils because I am a messy, messy (and clumsy!) person and these take away the fear of spills.

The last item you see in there is a testiment to Becca's customer service.  I had been whining in a mutual group about cocoa butter and loving the smell but how nothing had a high enough percentage to give the scent strength I wanted.. so Becca threw in a little 5g jar of unrefined cocoa butter.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is giving the customer what they want.

Why else should you be excited about One Hand Washes the Other?  Becca sent me a ton of goodies to put in my birthday giveaway that starts in late July!!  I can't wait to show you guys what goodies she sent for you!

FTC:  I paid for my order except for the items that were mentioned as free samples.  Becca did, however, send items for my upcoming Youtube giveaway.  Thank you Becca!!

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  1. Solid scents FTW. I love how buttery OHWTO's stinksticks are. And by some magic they know how to melt on my skin, but NOT melt when I leave my purse in the boot of my car when I go to work. 100+ temps and they've still held their shape perfectly.