Saturday, September 1, 2012

FOTD: Inspired by Lady Gaga's FAME fragrance!

Today at Sephora we all dressed up with Lady Gaga inspired looks.  I pulled various pieces of looks I like dating all the way back to the Fame days (2008), mostly because I'm a hopeless fangirl, but also because that is the name of the fragrance.

Jillian (my lovely co-worker) chose a more subdued Gaga look, whereas I went for gold leaf, black "scales", black lips and as close to riglets as I could get in my hair in about five minutes flat.

Here is a better look of the detailing, though my hair & lips were not finished.  I used a lot of eyeshadow in this look, including Urban Decay's Blunt and Half Baked, as well as Wet N Wild's matte black.  It looked a LOT more dramatic in person, but unfortunately photos aren't doing it justice.  =[

Also, how do I like the Lady Gaga fragrance?  It smells TERRIBLE on me, but fantastic on pretty much everyone else (which is totally normal).  It's almost like a more sophisticated Justin Bieber fragrance, but in the best possible way.


  1. I really love your hair curly like that!

    1. Thank you. =] I like it curly too, but I am terribly lazy, hahah.