Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Myglam aka Ipsy September 2012!

I'm currently listening to my Baushaus channel on Pandora, editing photos for a future post here on Manglaze Nail Polish, but it just so happened that Myglam Bag just got here.  I mean, my Ipsy bag.. whut?

That's correct, it's plastered everywhere; Myglam is now Ipsy.  I don't really know, nor do I care what that really means, as it just seems like marketing to me.  I'm sure they're trying to shed that inconsistent image that has haunted them since the birth of the program.

So, on to the bag, that I just received on the 18th, too close to the end of the month for my liking.

See, the word ipsy is everywhere!

What's inside:
1.  Soho Smudge Brush - $5.97
2.  Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer 0.38 fl oz - $5.59
3.  Jane Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink - $3.33
4.  Mirabella Eyeshadow in Semiformal - $10.00
5.  Circus Nail Polish in Tightrope - value still unknown
Total Value:  $24.89

First impressions:
I want to start off by pointing out that this is the second Walmart famous product I've gotten from a subscription service in a row (last month it was the Schick razor).  I am indifferent about this, as I sample most of my mid to high end products at work anyways, but it does make me sad for people who join this services for fancy stuff.  There is only ONE mid to high end product in this entire bag, and the sample isn't even a full oz [edit to add:  apparently a full size is 1.7 fl oz so I guess this is a good sample size...).  Also, this is a little nitpicket-y, and not MG/ipsy's fault, but Soho: this is NOT a smudge brush!  It's a crease or contour or even fluffy pencil brush.. but not a smudge brush.

Secondly, this is the SECOND MONTH IN A ROW they have sent us pink lipgloss.  I haven't touch the one from last month, and I'm not going to use this one either.  For starters, Jane isn't exactly my first choice for lipgloss, and neither is the color or texture of this one.. I'm not fourteen!

As for the other items, Mirabella is still a foreign brand to me and although I like that this is easy to put into a free palette, I really don't care for Mirabella as a brand so far.  And another nail polish from Andrea's Choice?  Cool, I guess.  I love nail polish, but it goes to show you that they're really inexpensive nail polishes if they've given away nearly the whole collection before you can even buy them.  Is this a tactic to guarantee that people will buy the two colors they haven't received yet in order to complete their collection?  I don't know, but I'm kind of over it.

And I almost forgot!  We got a coupon for JustFAB Shoes!  ...except that I have no idea what that is!  haha.

Final thoughts:
It's time to cancel Myglam.  I'm just not excited about it anymore, and my money is going to go elsewhere... namely Conscious Box!  And possibly even Vegan Cuts new subscription box!


  1. Aye, I haven't gotten my bag yet, but from seeing what's in it... it's kind of underwhelming. I mean, it's not particularly bad, but... a Jane lipgloss? Really? That's not much to look forward to, yo.

    "I'm sure they're trying to shed that inconsistent image that has haunted them since the birth of the program."

    I think you've probably hit the nail right on the head with that one.

    1. I always love to get tools, but honestly, this one doesn't impress me. There's nothing wrong with it for the price, but I don't understand why MG didn't try to team up with pixiwoo and offer a Real Techniques brush of some sort...

    2. i love this month's bag... omg a real technique's brush would be amazing!!