Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random Thoughts on Nutrition This Month.

1.  I'm not getting any younger. 

I came to a realization today; I'm not getting any younger, seriously.  I have spent my teens and early twenties thinking, "Oh, I will worry about what I'm eating later," and "processed foods are terrible for me but I'm too young to worry about that."  Except today, while merchandising a zombie display at work, it just dawned on me: I'm twentyfive now.  That's half a decade from thirty.  My sisters are thirty.  Reflecting on my personal goals, and consequent achievements and failures, I am a little disappointed in myself.  I have constantly set long term goals (weight, financial status, etc), usually for Halloween, and I have constantly failed them.  This has made me realize that for many years, I have watched my goals come and go.  For years, I have been heavier than I've wanted to be.  For years I've eaten foods that I know are bad for me and felt poorly about it.  And for years I've said, "oh, next week.  Next month.  Next year..."


2.  Leafy green salads are essentially delivery devices; make the most of them.

Who doesn't love a good salad now and again?  Even as a vegan, who constantly faces the stereotype of eating nothing but wedges of iceberg lettuce sprinkled in vinegratte and lemon juice, I still love them.  [That was an oddly specific example, but other vegans know why I said it like that; #veganproblems, haha.]  I realized today as I tossed my Trader Joe's Power to the Greens salad mix onto a plate, and poor dressing over it, that I was really sad that I didn't have any sunflower seeds, or cherry tomatoes, or.. ANYTHING else.  What a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to pack more health into an otherwise bland (in taste and nutrition) salad.

Don't know what Power to the Greens is?  Check it out on Hint of Greens' blog post!

3.  Food logs are for the observant, NOT the obsessive!

I have had food logs throughout my life.  I have done them for calorie counting, for food allergies, for attempting to decode my supposed IBS, and now I am happy to say that I do NOT feel obsessive for it.  Being aware of what you eat is a good thing.  It keeps you in touch with your food, which should help you be a healthier, happier person (even if it just makes you happy to know that you still have x amount of cookies at home because you've only eaten seven of them).  I have had to primarily keep food logs becaue of my digestive issues, and I feel like they're important to cracking the code.  I have also kept them to share what vegans eat with others.  My food blog is here.

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  1. I'm going to keep a food log again one day... Otherwise my weight is all over the place and I can't afford clothes in that many sizes XD