Friday, September 21, 2012

Mailtime: Influensters' Voxbox Natural 2012

My Influenster Voxbox finally showed up!!  Everyone got theirs a week ago, but mine finally showed up yesterday!  Yay!!  I'm just glad it showed up at all; I'd lost hope, mostly because of Influensters less than helpful response.  That said, I can't complain about customer service; I'm not a customer.

So let's go over what's inside.

GeoDeo deodorant - full size - $5.99
To me, this smelled like booze.  I have no idea why, but as soon as I smelled it, I thought it smelled like wine coolers.  j0hn thought it smelled delicious, so I decided he was going to have to be my test dummy.  I might try it on a day that I'm home, but due to a fear of smelling like booze, I can't do it.  j0hn has it on today and it's 8:43pm and he says he still doesn't smell bad.  We're going out to the club tonight, so that will be the true test.  Also in the box was a coupon code for a free gift with purchase.

Nectresse  Natural No Calorie Sweetener - 2 packets - $0.20 ($3.99 for 40 packets)I'm terrified to try this.  I found out recently that artificial sweeteners can trigger issues with IBD, so I'm not sure if I'm curious enough to try this.  I have to at some point, or I'll feel wasteful, but certainly not on a day where I work nine hours (like tomorrow).  Also included is a coupon for $1.00 off any one Nectresse product.

Lypsol Intense Protection LypMoisturizer - full size - $2.99
This one went to j0hn.  He was in need of a chapstick (while I am stocked on MSC lip bombs for a while).  He was immediately in love with the packaging because "look at the little bee on the side!  The slider is a little bee!"  He put it on and said it was tingly like a peppermint chapstick, and that he liked it.  I asked him if it was waxy and he said "not really."  All in all, not a chapstick for me, but j0hn seems to be enjoying it.  I tried it for myself, and it was soft and felt nice, and the smell was quite pleasant.

Eboost - 1 packet - $1.40 ($28 for 20 packets)
I can't wait to try this.  I'm tempted to give it to j0hn since he's been a little under the weather, but I want it!  Maybe we'll share it, though I already have him taking my vitamins and drinking Trader Joe's Green Plant Juice (what more can I do?!).  I didn't see anything immediately on the list that wasn't vegan, and the sight says no dairy, but I need to delve a little deeper into the vitamin sources listed on the packet.  I was out in the wind for a while waiting on the bus, so I think I need to drink this soon...

CleanWell Individual Hand Sanitizer Wipes - 1 wipe - $0.60 ($29.99 for 50)
As a makeup artist, I am always interested in any sort of sanitation device, haha.  It says that it's alcohol free, so not only are my dry hands interested, my brain is, too.  The active ingredient in this is Thymus Vulgaris Oil (Thymol 0.05%), which I had to google.  I found mixed studies about this substance, and as such, am not certain it's something I would want to rub on my hands ten to twenty plus times a day.  I'm going to try it once, as I don't think it's going to hurt me, but I won't be buying them for my kit as I thought I might.  These say "no animal testing" on the package, but I have more research to do.

Desert Essence Coconut Shine & Refine Lotion - 6.4 fl oz (full size) - $9.99
This product was chosen for me based on my demographic.  I have no idea why this product was chosen for me (other than me living in an urban area), but this is unfortunately not a product that is going to work in my hair.  I'll probably pass it on to my niece who is bi-racial and can use the product.  I have no idea if the term bi-racial is p.c. or not, so if you're offended, I'm sorry.  I have no idea what would be more correct.  I'll try it once, see how it goes, and probably pass it on to Sierra.  On the plus side, it does say that it's vegan right on the bottle.  I wish coconut oil worked with my hair because I love the way it smells, but sadly it doesn't.

The Original Dish Drying Mat - $4.99
I'm so excited to have this!!  I'm debating with myself if I want to save it for cleaning brushes or if I want to use it in the kitchen as it's intended.  Maybe I'll buy a second one.  I'm sure this bad boy will make an appearance in our next cooking video.. whenever that is.

TOTAL VALUE:  $26.16

Disclaimer:  This Voxbox was sent to me courtesy of Influenster.  This does not affect my opinion of the items received, and I reserve my right to my honest opinion.

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