Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everyday Vegan Cosmetics List!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Urban Decay is no longer cruelty free.  At the time of this article they were.  I have to find alternatives to list here, but in the mean time, please note, they are NOT cruelty free anymore!

Are you switching to veganism?  Looking to make the cruelty free switch?  Congratulations!  You are doing a very noble thing.  It's not always easy, and you will often find that there's a bit of leg work to do, but hopefully this post can be a step in the right direction.  =]  Some of these brands are high end, and there are always cheaper alternatives, but these are ones that are worth the money.

1.  Face Primer:  Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer - 10ml for $17.00 or 30ml for $52
This is probably my favorite primer that I've found.  It feels nice, it controls my ridiculously oily tzone, and it doesn't break me out.  Even better?  It's 100% vegan.  =]  Oh, and it has SPF 15!

2.  Concealer: Beauty Without Cruelty Creamy Concealer Pencil OR Supercover - $15.95 to $16.95
This was the second concealer I've tried that I truly love a month after using it (the first being MAC's Studio Finish, which is not vegan, nor cruelty-free now).  It covers well, it's extremely easy to use, and there are no icky animal products that you wouldn't want to be slathering on your face.  The biggest drawback?  There are only two shades, neither of which would suit medium to deep skin tones (for darker skin I'd check the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencils, $18.00).

3.  Foundation:  Pumpkin & Poppy - 30g jar for $11.25
Kristy is a vegan.  Kristy is cruelty free.  It goes without saying that her entire line is, as well.  She makes foundations, blushes, color correctors, contouring powders, eyeshadows, and she's even dabbling in cream liners and lip products now (with cute product names like Molly's Lips and Cat Liners).  She makes a range of colors for sensitive skin.  Her range is mostly light to medium tones, but I'm sure there will be deeper shades in the future.  The best part?  If you find the perfect combination of colors to make your perfect skin shade, Kristy will send you a custom mixed pot of your color.  That's the perfect vegan foundation right there.

4.  Setting Powder: Tarte Smooth Operator & Smooth Operator in Bronze - 9.07g/0.32 oz for $28
You need a good setting powder, and while you can get one from Madd Style Cosmetix (Effin Perfektion Powder) or from Pumpkin & Poppy (Mineral Finishing Veil), sometimes you just want to pick one up for a major brand in a store.  In that case, I recommend the Tarte finishing powder Smooth Operator.  It is a part of what they call the vegan collection, as they clearly outline vegan items on their website.

5.  Blush:  Everyday Minerals - currently on $ale!
I haven't tried Everyday Minerals yet, but I've only heard good things so far.  They have a HUGE range of shades, which is why they are my choice for blushes, AND they're currently on sale!  Give them a try!

6.  Eye Primer: MTcoffinz Under the Rainbow Eye Primer - 7.5g for $14
I first got this primer eight months ago, and have used it on and off again since that time.  I often use it as a neutral base, but truth be told it's a great stand alone primer.  Once upon a time, Urban Decay Primer Potion was THE vegan primer, but they found out their lanolin wasn't synthetic and it has gone downhill since for UDPP.  Under the Rainbow lasts for a good eight hours, is affordable, and does well with bright colors.

7.  Eye Shadow:  Madd Style Cosmetix - 5g pots for $5 or 5/$20
You should have expected this.  I'm not just a model of Madd Style Cosmetix, I'm a HUGE fan.  I would never represent a brand I wasn't 100% behind.  Mo Love offers the most amazing range of colors, finishes, collections, and foiling mediums and basses to boot.  If there is a color that MSC doesn't have.. just wait.

8.  Eyeliner:  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil (Perversion/Yeyo) - 1.2g e 0.04 US oz. for $19.00
If you need a good liner, Urban Decay has you covered.  The best part is that many of the formulas are vegan, and they are clearly marked by a purple "Marley Paw".  The best news yet?  Their "blackest black", Perversion, and matte/mattene white, Yeyo, are both vegan formulas!,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=1

9.  Mascara:  Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Mascara - 0.24 oz for $23.95
Beauty Without Cruelty is actually a full color vegan line that also has skin care options.  I've only had good experiences with their products, and recently reviewed them both here on my blog as well as on youtube.  I haven't personally tried this mascara, but I've only heard good things about it.  If the price tag seems steep, just take into consideration the next vegan mascara I know of is blinc mascara (formerly Kiss Me, which runs $24 per 0.21oz tube, it is available at Sephora).  I am researching more options if neither of these sound desirable to you.

10.   Setting/Touch Up Spray:  Urban Decay All-Nighter, De-Slick & Dew Me - $11-$34
If you've never tried a setting spray and you use a lot of powder products, you're really missing out.  Some people actually use setting sprays in place of finishing powders because of a preference is how their makeup wears.  Others will wait until they finish their entire face of makeup, then use the spray.  Urban Decay recommends them both before and after makeup.,default,sc.html?prefn1=isVegan&prefv1=true

11.  Brushes - Sigma Bunny Collection Brushes - $59-$109
This collection is 100% vegan.  The Mrs. Bunny set is more fun & colorful, the Mr. Bunny more sleek and professional.  The travel sets are available for $59+s&h, and the full size sets are $109+s&h.

FTC:  No one is paying me to write this article.  These are my honest recommendations.  I have tried most of these items personally, and have noted which items I have not tried. 


  1. Hi!
    Have you heard of Furless brushes? They are of comparable quality to Sigma, I think, and, unlike Sigma, the whole brand is vegan. :) Their Purple Power kit is a rough equivalent of Sigma's Travel Bunny set. :)

    1. They are on my list of brands to try some day. =]

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