Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too Faced's Vegan List!

My Too Faced rep was in my store today and informed me that Too Faced has a vegan list readily available.  After emailing the company, I noticed the complete list was in the FAQ.  D'oh.

I'm going to copy and paste the list below, putting my favorite items in bold.  I'm really depressed to find that Shadow Insurance is not on this list, as I had thought, for whatever reason, that it WAS a vegan formula.  Does anyone know if it changed, or if I somehow totally missed it from the get go?

Here is a complete list of our Vegan-friendly products (no animal bi-products): Amazing Face SPF 15 Powder Foundation (all), Absolutely Flawless Concealer (all), Beauty Balm (all), Borderline Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil, Brightening Blush (Mochi Mi Amore), Brow-ney Pencils (all), Sun Bunny, Chocolate Soleil (all), Galaxy Glam (all), Duo Eye Shadows (Ooh & Aah, Fantasy Island, Skinny Dip, Lucky Charms, Shamrock Chic, Rich Bitch), Exotic Colors (Nice Stems!, Cop a Teal, Firefly, Frilly Lily, Petals to the Metal, Midnight Mist, Poison Orchid, Enchanted Garden, Night Nymph, Violet Femme), Foiled Liners (Bronze Bombshell, Black Beauty), Full Bloom Creme (Prim & Poppy, Tea Rose), Full Bloom Powder (Sweet Pink, Coca Rose), Glamour Dust (Blue Angel), Leopard Love (Candy Leopard, Peach Leopard), Lip Injection, Lip Injection Super Size, Lip Injection Extreme, Lip Insurance, Liquif-Eye, Liquid Lava Eyeliner - Lava Matte, Long-Stemmed Lashes, Matte Eye Collection, Metal Eyed Eyeliners (Blackout, Hand Cuffs, Twilight, Get Lucky, Plum Crazy, Brown Sugar, Dirt Bag, Shotgun), Mirror Mirror (all), Peach Leopard, Perfect Eyes Eyeliner (all), Perfect Lips, Primed & Poreless (all), Royal Oil, Eye Shadow Single (Label Whore, Blonde Ambition, Neptune), Starry Eyed Eyeliner (all), Tanning Bed in a Tube, Wrinkle Injection, Shadow Brushes, Kabuki Brush, Flatbuki, Powder Pouf, Bronze-Buki, Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set, Petite Pouf.


  1. Oh for goodness sake! Why am I not surprised to see Shadow Insurance on this list?? I know that Vegan Beauty received confirmation from them that their lanolin was a synthetic derivative. And I was always skeptical of that!!

    1. Whoops! I totally meant "Veggie" Beauty, didn't I?

    2. I DID email them, so depending on what they say about it, I will ask about it and ask why it's not on the list, because now I'm curious.

      I also sent out a round of requests for NARS & Benefit, so I'll let you know when they answer. They both have primers. I'm going to ask UD if theirs is vegan yet, lol.

  2. Thanks Beth :) I am just now getting into Too Faced products, and I was not quit sure about their test practices.

    I am looking for a new company since MAC has let me down, right along with Estee' Lauder. It is going to be hard to find liquid foundation that works for me as well as Studio Fix and Double Wear does. If you know of anything with the staying power as these two do, please let me know. South MS heat doesn't stand up very well to many liquid foundations, but the latter two did, and without breaking out my skin.

    Thanks again :)