Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 12: what's in my bag

The bag itself was a gift from j0hn for a holiday.  It came from Claire's and was apparently limited edition.

The clear bag is my cosmetics bag.  I have five lip products in there from MSC, the balm, smashbox? and Hourglass.

Below that is my wallet.  I got that from Urban Outfitters, Rainbow or Claire's.  I don't remember.

There is tampons, ibeprofen, tension headache tylenol, my name tag, Tokidoki mints, gum, a pen, keys and a fortune from a fortune cookie.  It reads something about being creative on Friday.  I kept it because Friday comes every week!

The last stack is random paper that has been deemed necessary to hang on to, though I couldn't tell you why?

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