Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Seven.

Oddly enough, I choose my LONG HAIR & drawn on eyebrows for this one, hahah.

So.. the last time I had long hair was in the fourth grade (for those of you counting, like 15 years ago).  Having long hair makes me think of being a little kid and pony tails and horribly tacky 90's hair accessories.. and that makes me happy.  Hell, thinking about the 90s in general makes me happy.  What a time that was.  Before that, I had chin length hair that was a long bowl cut that my granny used to give all of us (hence why my hair was really long once I had an opinion about my hair.. it was either bowl cut or no cut, haha).

My drawn on eyebrows?  Well, j0hn and I clearly have an odd relationship.  The night we waxed off our eyebrows together, though odd to most, was a bonding experience.  Also, it didn't hurt, like, at all, so it was an all around good night.  We giggled at how silly I looked, we laughed at how horrible I was at drawing them on, and we were bummed by how little anyone noticed that j0hn's were gone.

PS:  Also happy evoking in this photo?  The Cruelty Free necklace I'm wearing that Danielle unexpectedly sent me (makes me smile everytime I look in the mirror), my Tangerine Tango hair flowers and tank top (that I bought while training for Sephora in Minneapolis), and my snakebites, which were a gift to myself after I quit my "corporate" job, haha (see: Blockbuster).  My arm tattoos represent my veganism and my love for Batman, both of which are pretty awesome things.  =]


  1. Is your hair dyed blue or just have a blue sheen? It's quite pretty :)

  2. Damn Beth!! You are one sexy girl!!! <3