Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Night's FOTD: goth slash industrial style

Last night j0hn & I were guest entertainers at Acidic Trends presents: Triage.  We both donned nurse dresses, boots, and lots and lots of black paint (j0hn moreso than me).  The colors on my face are mostly from a Revlon cream palette, as well as some Ben Nye.  As far as regular cosmetics go, there some ELF liquid eyeliner, NYX black eyeshadow and a combination of MAC and Beauty Without Cruelty lipsticks.  Oh, and the mascara was the beloved Tarte Gifted mascara.  I think I set my makeup with the ELF HD powder.

j0hn had on lots of black paint, ELF liquid liner, Pumpkin & Poppy foundation, and a combination of Wet N Wild's Panther and MSC's Bitten for eyeshadow.  His lipstick is Black Radiance, for all of you goth kids trying to find good black lipstick on a budget.

FTC:  The BWC lipstick was sent to me for use and review and I received the mascara from work.  j0hn may or may not have gotten Bitten when he was a model for MSC.  He isn't anymore, sadly.  We used these cosmetics because we like them, and these are our honest opinions.


  1. I've made up black lipstick using just vaseline and black eyeshadow, too :)