Monday, July 9, 2012

HAUL: Shiro Cosmetics!

 Edit: I am editing this to add that EVERYTHING from Shiro Cosmetics is vegan!  I forgot to mention that before & this is vital because those intertubes have some pretty amazing coloring without including carmine!

I placed in order with Shiro Cosmetics a little while back for samples. I wanted to try a few things out and get a feel for the brand before I purchased any full sizes. Mostly because j0hn & I couldn't narrow down our choices of intertubes from "all of them". I waited for j0hn to leave for Mexico, then ordered a few samples that I felt he was the most interested in, then choose the rest for me.   His three choices (whether he knew it or not) were Me Gusta, Sad Keanu and Insanity Wolf.

To see what I got up close and personal...

Loose Pigments: Because We Can, A Neat Gun, Thinking With Portals, Ever in Your Favor, Rupee & Master Swords.
Intertubes: Sad Keanu, Forty Cakes, Why Not Zoidberg?, Magnets, Insanity Wolf, Me Gusta & Three Wolf Moon

These are the samples I ordered.  I was curious about a few different colors that I loved from swatches in various blogs (mostly so I ordered from some must have collections.  In case you didn't catch the references, these pigments a from the Science Collection (Portal), the Legends Collection (Legend of Zelda) and the Tributes Collection (the Hunger Games).

Pigments: Reverse Psychology, I Like Shorts, Incinerator, Zora Sapphire; Intertube: Robe + Wizard Hat
These are the extra samples that Caitlin threw in.  I excited to have them!  These are from the previously mentioned collections, and the Super Effective Collection (Pokemon!!).

I don't have much for you in the way of a review today, but I do have swatches!!

L to R: Robe & Wizard Hat, Sad Keanu, Three Wolf Moon, Magnets, Me Gusta, Why Not Zoidberg, Forty Cakes, and Insanity Wolf
FTC: I paid for all of the items in this post except those that were noted as free samples for ordering.


  1. Ooooh! I'm diggin' those swatches!

    1. I was so proud, D!! =D I think I'm getting better at it!

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  3. yay beth! this is my favoritest indie company! :D i own the entire pokemon collection, the death note collection and hunger games collection. i own some colors from the zelda and portal collections as well. i have all of the intertubes except for the ones she just barely released, but i'm going to get those all of course. i'm determined to own everything that Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics makes lol. obsessed with awesome. welcome to the club! lol. but yeah srsly i love this company. i can't wait to see what looks u come up with using Shiro's colors. <3