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Mailtime & Review: Sunwarrior Protein & Supplements!

I spoke with Ashley at Sunwarrior to find out more about the brand and she was very friendly and customer service oriented!  She sent me some samples to try out because, as you guys know, Clancy is helping me eat better and we're about to join a gym... he's essentially my personal trainer.  He makes me smoothies pretty regularly, and I bought myself a blender bottle for on the go.  Several of these mixes are perfect for just mixing with "milk", water or coconut water on the go, so I took them to work with me and drank them during my long hours in retail.  For those of you who don't know, that's putting a LOT of trust into the brand, haha.

In this photo:
  • Immune Shield
  • Activated Barley
  • Ormus Supergreens
  • Liquid Light
  • Classic Protein in Vanilla
  • Classic Protein in Chocolate
  • Protein in Raw Vegan
  • Warrior Blend in Vanilla
  • Warrior Blend in Natural
  • Warrior Blend Chocolate
  • Information Pamphlet

MORE ABOUT EACH ONE (all quotes are directly from Sunwarrior's website):
Immune Shield (8 fl oz for $29.95) - "is a natural Fulvic acid mineral complex fortified with silver ions."  What does that mean?  I asked Clancy what it would do for the immune system, and he said that while it wouldn't do much in the way of a "shield", it would give the immune system a boost.  Regular consumption could, in theory, then perform a shield, but I doubt we'll see a lot of results from our one use.  I didn't notice any sort of funny taste to my smoothie, but I didn't try it alone to see how it was.

Activated Barley (1lb for $29.95) - "plays a significant role in lowering cholesterol and controlling glucose and insulin levels.  Barley also has high concentrations of age fighting antioxidants and health boosting beta-glucans.  Beta-glucans improve immune function, raise energy levels without sugar spikes, and reduce cholesterol."  Barley is well known as a replacement for wheat due to it's gluten free properties, but I didn't realize that it was a "slow burning" carb.  Sounds like it's a better 'flour' choice for protein/meal replacement bars, and something I'm going to have to look into a little more.

Ormus Supergreens (1lb for $54.95) - are unique in the sense that they are cold-processed to be "raw" greens, as well as contain natural probiotics (not added ones).  These greens are grown in volcanic soil which lends trace minerals to the plants and gives them "magnetic propert[ies]".  So why do we need Supergreens?  They are essentially the boost your diet is missing from not getting enough of the best vegetables on a regular basis.  Many ingredients in supergreen formulas are some of the best "greens" you can eat, with high vitamin and mineral levels that you simply won't find, even in broccoli.. although broccoli is pretty good for you!  These didn't have much of a green taste and blended nicely in just my blender bottle.  Definitely a great green powder.

Liquid Light (32oz for $34.95) - has a whole list of benefits.  It "provides major nutritional elements", "[p]lays an elevated role in the absorption and assimilations of these nutrients through the chelation process", "a powerful natural electrolyte contributing to both electrical and chemical blance within cells", and really, a lot more.  The list goes on.  It seems like a fantastic item to add to any smoothie or protein drink, or even just your favorite juice.  It reminds of Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma in the sense that it sounds like a carrying device for all of the good stuff you want to put in your body.

Classic Protein (500g for $29.97) - has a complete Amino Acid profile [here], but this is essentially a protein powder with some added vitamins and minerals (which is not to be discredited by any means).  I do see a difference in calories : carbs : protein between flavors, and is as follows:
Natural:  80cals : 2g carbs : 17g protein
Vanilla:  80cals : 4g carbs : 15g protein
Chocolate:  80cals : 4g carbs : 16g protein

I'm also seeing that the two flavors (Chocolate & Vanilla) have Stevia in the mix.  Anyone with digestive issues knows that artificial sweeteners can be a BIG deal breaker, so we'll have to see how my stomach does with these.  I didn't notice any additional stomach issues with the stevia, but I have been in a flare-up for a week already so I don't know if I'd notice, unfortuantely.

Warrior Blend (500g for $26.95) - This is a very different kind of vegan-friendly protein powder.  This boasts a complete protein profile (ie: all amino acids are present), as well as claims to be a "great source of energy", "no cholesterol", "heart healthy", increases metabolism", "easy to digest and creates a feeling of satiety" (fullness), "promotes healthy kidney and liver function", is a "green hypoallergenic food", "improves mental clarity", and "helps relieve candida".  More imporantly, however, is the calorie : carb : protein ratio:
Natural: 80cals : 1g carb : 17g protein
Vanilla: 80cals : 4g carb : 15g protein
Chocolate: 80cals : 4g carb : 15g protein

Although the ratios aren't much different, these are supposed to be a complete protein, meaning you're getting everything you need.  Also, this blend contains fibers in the flavored versions, but also, again, has stevia.  Stevia is supposed to be more natural than say.. Sweet N Low, haha, but it still scares me.  This is the blend that Clancy would want to order out of the two.  It blended well and tasted great.

Click here to see all available sizes of the protein powders of both formulas.

In conclusion:
Sunwarrior makes insanely delicious protein powders.  In comparison to some of the others I've tried on the market, these were all really, really good.  I wasn't crazy about the natural flavors, but they were drinkable with a bit of sugar mixed in; they would be ideal for someone who wants to make fruit flavored smoothies without vanilla or chocolate flavoring.   The price tag is literally just too steep of what I prefer to pay, wanting to get my soy protein at absolutely no more than $19.99 for 16oz.  You're getting just over 17oz for $27 or $30, so this is clocking in a little high for me.. though I will admit, when I have the money, I will definitely be splurging.  They're really good.. I can't help it.  I asked a friend of mine from work to try the Chocolate Warrior Blend, and she also gave it rave reviews.  She said it was "really, really good [...] and didn't give [her] gas!"  For those of you who are soy sensitive, this may be really important, as a lot of vegan friendly protein powders are soy based.  My friend has had a few protein powders in her day, including vegan friendly Vega powders.  She has also had what we're both currently powering through, which is the Trader Joe's Soy Protein.  I much prefer the flavor and consistency of either of Sunwarrior's Vanilla blends to Trader Joe's.  My friend also said something along the lines of the consistency and taste being much better with the Sunwarrior powder.  So what does it come down to?  Spend a little more & get a tastier, smoother protein powder that is definitely worth it in the long run.  The good news?  It's still cheaper than some of the other loved vegan protein powders out there, and definitely better than most of the cheaper ones out there.  If you're on the fence, try it.  You won't be disappointed.

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