Thursday, January 3, 2013

Madd Style Cosmetix Haul!

At last!! It's arrived!!  I technically placed this order back in October or November, but due to a paypal glitch, this package went to an old address and we had to wait out the process.  But here it is!  This is the Alice In Zombieland Collection, the Shaun of the Dead Collection, the Halloween Grab Bag, Candy Floss, Weeping Angel, Hello Sweetie, the Silence, Bow Ties are Cool, Optimus Primer in a pot (woo hoo!), Rebel Lollipop blush, and samples of All Nighter & Are You My Mummy?  I am going to try to get some swatches happening tomorrow, but my main priority is getting Clancy to actually get some sleep tomorrow.  Clearly, this photo doesn't show much besides a whole crap ton of pigment pots, haha.  =]

Disclaimer: I paid for most of these items. A handful of the pigments were "payment" for being a brand model.

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