Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap!

Influenster sent me this lovely box right here!  It is the Palmolive Box, and as someone who likes the consistency of their dish soap, I'm pretty excited to be chosen to review them.

Please note:  I do not think that Palmolive is a cruelty free brand.  They are a Colgate-Palmolive company, and while they seek alternative testing, they still test any new products intended for oral use on animals (due to federal regulations?).

In this box, I recieved three of their new scents; Lime Basil, Ginger White Tea and Lemon Thyme.  I was very happy with the bright colors when I opened the box.  All three scents smell fresh and amazing, but I was really shocked by how delicious the Lime Basil smelled.  And thank goodness, because it had leaked inside of the box.  I was initially surprised that these pakages weren't sealed under the cap, but then I realized I didn't think they ever had been when I purchased them in store, either.  Regardless, I'm just glad much didn't leak out due to the mess factor, and because it would have wasted what is definitely my favorite scent of the bunch.

I have been using the Lime Basil scent since these arrived.  I was trying to use up the MEGA bottle of dish soap I just bought, but frankly, I couldn't wait.  The smell is like seriously intoxicating, and Clancy keeps making fun of me for sniffing it (yes, even still, weeks later).  It smells like something familiar to me, yet I can't place it.  The performance of the product is impressive.  It works like a concentrated formula.  It suds up nicely and stays in your sponge much longer than I'm used to.  I was very pleased by how little I had to use.  I was initially worried about the small size of these bottles, but now that I've used it, I know a little goes a long, long way.

I'm supposed to share the coupons that came with the box, but I love the formula so much I'm tempted to hoard them to myself.  I won't, in good faith.  This is a dish soap that I would definitely repurchase based off of performance, concentration, packaging and the amazing scents.  I definitely think Palmolive nailed it with these.

Disclaimer:  As stated, these items were sent to me for review from Influenster (not from Palmolive).  As always, I reserve the right to my honest opinion.

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