Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Favorites Pigment Swatches

Remember when I said I was terrible at swatching?  Well.. that hasn't changed, unfortunately.

First of all, these swatches are loose pigments that were named my January Favorites in this video:

Okay.. so.  Without further ado.. I'm sorry.

From L to R: Dirty Chai, Winter Rose, Spotted Elephant, King Moonracer & Yukon Cornelius
I know, I all but cut Dirty Chai out of the photo.  I will do better next time, promise.

L to R: Cruelty-Free Cosmetics' Silver Taupe & Models Own's Neon Blue
I'm sure the more I swatch, the better it'll get, right?  All of these swatches were done over MTcoffinz Under the Rainbow primer applied thickly.

FTC:  I paid for all of the MSC pigments or received them in exchange for being a model.  The pigment from Cruelty-Free Cosmetics was sent to me for use and consideration.  The Models Own pigment was a gift.  The MTcoffinz primer was sent to me for use and consideration.  I chose these pigments because they are my favorites for January, and that is my honest opinion.


  1. I always love it when you use Dirty Chai in your videos. It's featured so much!! :)

    1. I didn't realize it, but I've used it in FIVE tutorials! Geez! I think it's catching up to Birfday Suit... NOT. hahah. =]