Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Madd Style Cosmetix: Queen of Hearts Collection!

I still remember being terrified of the ill-tempered Queen of Hearts when I watched Alice in Wonderland as a child.  When Mo announced she'd be doing a collection based off of the character, I was so excited.  When I saw the colors, I was even more excited.  The collection is a beautiful range of pinks and reds, and as a vegan, I'm always super excited to find pinks and reds that I can use, haha.  Even better, because they're loose pigments, they're super easy to mix into gloss, nail polish, eye seal, etc to use them as more than just eyeshadows.

The Queen of Heats Collection is $21.00 for five pigments and a glitter bag.

Here are a description of the colors taken directly from the MSC page:

♥ QUEEN OF HEARTS- a metallic red with pink and silver sparkle
♥ SEEING RED- red with subtle shimmer.
♥ PAINTED ROSES - a coral pink with rose glitter.
♥ OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! - a blood red burgundy with color shifting glitz.
♥ FLAMINGO CROQUET - a flamingo pink :)
♥ [BROKEN HEARTS - dusty pink glitter]

So let's dive into some swatches.. even though I'm terrible at them.

From L to R: Off With Their Heads, Queen of Hearts, Seeing Red, Painted Roses, Flamingo Croquet, and Broken Hearts glitter
 Make sure you get this collection, because like most collections, once it's gone; it's gone.

FTC:  I was provided this collection as a gift.  I will also be using it as a model of the company.  I was not paid for this article or my recommendation.  These are my honest opinions, and I reserve the right to them.

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